Top 10 singles of 2017: #’s 5 – 1

Here they are, amigos.

#5 – Caroline Rose – “Money”

Funny, sharp, and frenetic, this single from Caroline Rose‘s upcoming album (due in February 2018) is instantly catchy and one of the wittiest post-punk songs of the year.

#4 – LCD Soundsystem – “Tonite”

Speaking of witty songwriting, LCD Soundsystem‘s “Tonite” has the most scathing lyrics of the year as lead singer James Murphy takes down Millennials, Gen X’ers, the rich, hipsters, and himself with lyrics like “Life is finite, but that shit feels like forever,” “Are you shocked from being used?” and “You’ve lost your internet, and we’ve lost our memory.” 

#3 – Tinariwen – “Sastanaqqam”

The beats on this amazing track by Tuareg music legends Tinariwen were enough to get my feet tapping, but as soon as the guitars kick in I knew this was going to be one of my favorite songs of 2017.  There is something about Tuareg music that is hard to describe, but you feel it in your core.  This song is a prime example of that.

#2 – Soulwax – “Missing Wires”

As soon as I heard the opening synths of this playing somewhere in Chicago, I thought, “Who is this?”  It was Soulwax.  This song grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  I immediately tracked it down, along with their stunning album, From Deewee, which was all recorded in one take.

#1 – Feltworth – “Forget This Feeling”

Yes, this is my favorite song of 2017.  Do not dismiss it.  It has the best power pop hooks I’ve heard all year.  It also has sharp lyrics, shredding guitar, killer piano work, and a crisp rhythm.  The lads in Feltworth are also fun dudes, so that’s a win.

There you have it, folks.  Enjoy!

Keep your mind open.

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