Bleached – Can You Deal?

Coming off their highly acclaimed full-length album Welcome the Worms, Bleached (Jennifer Calvin – guitar and lead vocals, Jessica Calvin – vocals and lead guitar, Micayla Grace – bass and vocals, Nick Pillot – drums) found not only more fame, but also more headaches from a music business dominated by men and, at best, dismissive towards women.

These attitudes, and the current political climate, inspired the four-song EP Can You Deal?. It’s a brilliant title. Can you deal with Bleached carving out a name for themselves in the music industry? Can you deal with them being a rock band instead of a female rock band? Can you deal with them not putting up with sexism or giving a shit about what you think?

The title track is all those questions and more amid shimmering punk-pop and a go-for-broke guitar solo by Jessica Calvin. “Flipside” is a lovely ode to a guy who rolls his eyes at the idea of being in a relationship because he’s too hip for the room. It’s undeniably catchy and, in a proper universe, would launch Bleached to the moon in terms of record sales. Seriously, it’s one of the prettiest singles of 2017.

“Turn to Rage” has Bleached showing off their rock chops (particularly the hammering drums by Pillot) while Jennifer Calvin warns a potential suitor not to fuck with her or he might end up “fishin’ for compliments from the grave.” The rock crunch continues on the final track, “Dear Trouble.” “Poor, Jennifer, I’ll be crazy all my life,” Calvin sings as she yearns for a relationship free of drama.

This is a solid EP and another booming step forward for Bleached on their way to being Next Big Things. They are currently touring with the Damned, so that alone should earn your respect if this EP doesn’t (but it will).

Keep your mind open.

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