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comacozerOne of the best parts of writing this blog is when a band asks me to give them a listen and they turn out to be as good as Australia’s Comacozer.

These three psych / doom / stoner rockers have crafted a fine piece of work with their album Astra Planeta.  It’s five tracks (the shortest at 6:21) of instrumental spaced out riffs that range from solar wind trippy to asteroid impact heavy.

“Saurian Dream” starts off like a slippery salamander wriggling out of mud atop a fresh grave but then morphs into wavy heat mirages seen by a goanna sunning itself on a hot outback rock.

The guitar on “The Mind that Feeds the Eye” sounds almost like something from a spaghetti western score, even with the heavy delay pedals.  The bass is as crisp as a bullfrog’s croak, and the drum beats snap by you like telephone poles as you cruise down a lonely road.  The title reminds us that most of what we see is illusion, but what you see will be altered if your mind is altered.  All great holy men and women have known and professed this.  Comacozer add another page to the sermon.

I’m a sucker for ancient Egypt, so I’m not surprised that I love “Navigating the Mandjet.”  The mandjet was one of the Egyptian sun god Ra’s solar boats (“The Boat of Millions of Years”), and the song would be perfect for the sound system on it.  I dig the rock beat that runs through it, and the guitar and bass have a perfect Middle Eastern groove for the track.

The bass on “Illumination Cloud” sounds like something Les Claypool dreamed once.  The song builds to a great cosmic rock track with some of the best guitar shredding on the record.

I don’t know if the Apophis named in “Hypnotized by Apophis” is the Egyptian snake demon of chaos with a magical gaze or the charted 325 meter-wide asteroid that might hit the Earth in 2068.  The song’s perfect for either case, as it swirls with cosmic riffs ideal for flying through an asteroid belt and bass and drums ideal for battling a giant snake with a lance.

Astra Planeta is a solid record of excellent cosmic psych rock.  These guys need to play at a Levitation festival, and you need to buy this album.

Keep your mind open.

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