Levitation Chicago Night 2 – Nite Fields, Blanck Mass, Ryley Walker, Lightning Bolt


Night #2 of Levitation Chicago didn’t have the same “wow factor” of the first night for me, but there were still some good moments.

The first was a good shoegaze performance from Nite Fields, who came all the way from Australia.  I was glad that more people showed up by the end of their set because it got better with each song.

Nite Fields

Blanck Mass came out next and put down a great set of electronica that had people dancing and trancing.  Each song flowed into the next without interruption and ended with a dropped beat and a wave good-bye.  I need to pick up his full-length album.

Blanck Mass

One neat thing about a Levitation festival is that you can jump genres on the same stage and both performances will be good ones.  Ryley Walker and his band came out after Blanck Mass and performed a fine set of blues-influenced Americana rock.  It made me think of the Allman Brothers Band in their heyday.

Ryley Walker

I ended the night a little early when I couldn’t bear any more of Lightning Bolt‘s set.  They continued their tradition of setting up on the main floor and being surrounded by the audience.  The set was punishing.  I was about ten bodies back and the force of their bass-drums combo literally hurt my stomach.  I dared not get close enough to get a photograph.  I had to walk away and decided to call it a night.

Tonight’s line-up for me is Natural Information Society and Bitchin’ BajasNight BeatsEarthlessFaust, and Chelsea Wolfe.

Keep your mind open.

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