A gift from Ron Gallo.

I took part in Ron Gallo‘s PledgeMusic campaign to help fund his debut album, Heavy Meta.  I’d been a fan of his since I’d seen him live last year and nabbed his RG3 EP.  One of the perks he was offering in his campaign was a download of Heavy Meta and a mix CD he’d make for you for a mere $30.00.  That seemed like a steal, so I jumped on it.

My mix CD arrived today, along with a hand-written note and track list from Mr. Gallo.  The note reads, “Thank you for the support.  Enjoy this eclectic mix of jams that influenced Heavy Meta.  Be well.”

The track listing has a lot of great stuff on it, including tracks from artists whose influence I could immediately hear in Gallo’s work (the Stooges, John Lennon, Minor Threat, the Modern Lovers) and others I hadn’t expected but was delighted to see (Dangerdoom, Lauryn Hill, Duke Ellington).  Anyone who can and would put together a great mix like this is sure to do great things.

Thank you, Mr. Gallo.  I look forward to the future.

Keep your mind open.

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