Marian Hill’s saxophonist drops one of the grooviest singles of 2017.

Steve Davit, saxophonist for Marian Hillis working on some solo material that combines jazz with electro and hip-hop beats.  His first single, “Forward,” is a funky blast of chopped up saxophone riffs and sweet synth beats.

You can listen to it here, before everyone starts proclaiming it’s their favorite new song.  Get in on the ground floor now.

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Levitation Chicago 2016 mixtape now available on Soundcloud.

The good folks at the Reverb Appreciation Society have hired psychedelic DJ Al Lover to put together one of his masterful mix tapes of the artists playing at Levitation Chicago next weekend.

You can stream it here on Soundcloud.

They’ve also announced they’re setting up a record store inside Thalia Hall during the festival.  My wallet is already groaning in anticipated agony.

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Elephant Stone revamp their website and give away newest single for free.

Canadian psychedelic rockers (and one of my wife’s favorite bands) Elephant Stone has revamped their website ahead of the release of their new album (due out soon).  To celebrate, they’re giving away a free download of their newest single, “The Devil’s Shelter” featuring Alex Maas of The Black Angels.  Just sign up for their e-mail lists and they’ll send you the download code.  Get it while it’s hot.