Wrecka Stow: Hurricane Records – Tucson, AZ

While strolling through the Tucson, Arizona 4th Avenue Street Fair, I was delighted to find a new wrecka stow that was so fresh that it looked like the paint on the sign had barely dried.  Hurricane Records (636 North 4th Avenue) had bins of records outside for sale during the street fair, and plenty of vinyl inside.

The selection there at the time was mostly classic rock, jazz, soul, and interesting soundtracks (note the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack record above).

Check out that sweet Blondie debut album.

There was also this little lounge area where I imagine DJ’s and small bands will play in the near future.

There were CD’s, too.  Most of the discs were in box sets, and I scored a Steely Dan four-disc set for just twenty bucks.  Unfortunately, the first two discs skip near the end of each, but I think I can buff out those scratches.

The Steely Dan box set I scored is the green box in the middle of the bottom shelf. And yes, that’s a copy of “Pet Sounds” on vinyl on the top shelf.

All in all, Hurricane Records seems to be on the right track to being a good place to score vinyl and promote the local art scene.  4th Avenue is a big art community in Tucson and a wrecka stow is a welcome addition there.

Keep your mind open.

[Speaking of hurricanes, you can blow me away with a subscription.]