Slow Magic – Float

I’d heard a few singles from Slow Magic‘s album, Float, and I was intrigued with his neat mix of electro, house, and ambient sounds.  I’m happy to say that the entire album is as good as I’d hoped.

Opener “Valhalla” (the drinking hall in the heaven of the Norse gods) starts subtle like a Valkyrie’s caress after death and then it fills with thundering drums and multilayered rhythms that snap you awake from anything fuzzing up your mind.

“Mind” (with Kate Boy on vocals) is probably already tearing up dance clubs in various remixes with its futuristic house beats.  “Skeleton Pink” somehow moves fast (with its beats) and slow (with its synths) at the same time.  “Shivers” brings in a heavy hitter with none other than MNDR on vocals (#swoon) for a big and bold track.

“Drum” loops distorted synths and electronic beats into a groove that you can’t get out of your head.  It might be your new favorite track for sprint workouts.
“Belong 2 Me” (with Peter Silberman taking up the vocals this time) takes you from the racetrack of the previous song to the race’s afterparty complete with premium cocktails in the VIP lounge and a killer dance floor for the people who aren’t too cool to dance.  “Diamond Ring” is a brief moment of synthwave before the grand house track “Wildfire.”

The beats on “=” (“Equals”) are so savage that the song almost sounds like an early 1990’s hardcore rave track.  Things are a bit quieter on “<3” (“Less than three,” “Heart,” or “Love,” depending on your choice), almost like you’re walking out into a morning rain after an all-night rave.  “Light” (featuring Tropics) reminds me of some of Bayonne‘s songs with its echoing vocals backed by poppy and fuzzy synths.

“Midnight Sun” sounds like something from a late night 1980’s sci-fi adventure comedy – and I mean that in the best possible way.  The closer, “Relent,” is a simple, lovely piano piece that leaves you wanting more by the end.

Float is a good debut.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Slow Magic playing EDM-themed festivals in 2018.

Keep your mind open.