Ambient / deep house DJ Will Long to release “Long Trax 2” on March 16th.



As much as is said of our current times being new lows, where things have changed for the worse and we’re unsure of the future, it’s worth returning to study the past to understand how steadily low we remain.

“Nothing’s changed,” says a younger Barack Obama in a sample for the opening track to Long Trax 2, the second album from Tokyo-based, America musician, writer, and photographer Will Long, out March16th on Smalltown Supersound. The album will be released as three separate 12” singles, in addition to CD and digital.

Long Trax 2 follows Long’s deep house debut, Long Trax, released in 2016 on 2016 on DJ Sprinkles’ (Terre ThaemlitzComatonse Recordings. Receiving a 4.2 rating, Long Trax was praised by ResidentAdvisor and described as a “meditative listen.”

It’s follow-up, Long Trax 2, presents as an ongoing criticism of cultural stasis, conveyed via minimal synthesizers, sampler, and rhythm machine. Dance floors are widely perceived by the masses as safe zones, but few can imagine how to apply notions of safety and equality to other aspects of society. We shouldn’t need clubs to hide from our fears and differences in the outside world. Looking ahead, we should look not so optimistically upon what we have accomplished, but with urgency and empathy upon what we haven’t.

Since 2005, Long has produced ambient music under the name Celer, and is a member of the pop music band Oh, Yoko with Miko. He curates and manages the label Two Acorns, and is also involved with the Normal Cookie and Bun Tapes labels.
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