Thank you, Tom Petty.

To say that Tom Petty had a legendary career is an understatement, but that is how he should be remembered.  I was lucky enough to catch his 40th anniversary (and final) tour earlier this year at a packed St. Louis arena.  It was a solid show with many great tracks throughout it.

Petty’s songs are a part of Americana even if you didn’t grow up in the 1970’s or 1970’s.  He could play everything from garage rock to country blues, and his influence on music reaches around the globe.

Many forget his great contributions to music videos.  Petty was a known lover of music videos, and he and his band came to prominence as MTV skyrocketed in popularity and outreach.  Petty took an active role in the scripts, art, and filming of his music videos and made some of the more innovative ones of the time.

Not many of us get to do what we love for forty years, let alone receive worldwide accolades for it.  It’s okay to mourn Petty, but don’t let it ruin you.  He lived and he rocked.  Do the same.

Keep your mind open.

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