Thank you, Pat DiNizio and Grant Hart.

I first heard the Smithereens on a local radio station in the mid-1980’s.  I called the station to request the song on a later date and the DJ told me, “You have good taste, my friend.”  The Smithereens were the first band that let me come backstage and meet them when Mandy and I saw them play at the University of Notre Dame.  It was a great show that will forever remain in my memory.  We became lifelong fans.  I even proposed to Mandy at a Smithereens concert.

The death of Pat DiNizio, the Smithereens’ lead singer and songwriter, is a tough blow for Mandy and I.  The Smithereens’ music has been a soundtrack to most of our life together.  DiNizio was a talented songwriter who could write power pop and tender ballads like few others.  He was also an accomplished guitarist and fellow lover of baseball and comic books, so that made him extra cool to me.  He’ll be missed.

I also know I’m late to the party on this, but I wanted to pay tribute to the late Grant Hart, drummer of Husker Du, who died back in September of cancer.  I was remiss to not write about his passing due to a lot of stuff that’s been going on here since then.  Grant Hart and his bandmates were part of the soundtrack to my teenage years.  Few bands could grab your attention like Husker Du, and Hart’s fierce drumming was almost holy to me.  It also provided some of the best music for skateboarding I’d ever heard.  He, too, will be missed.

I leave you with the first Smithereens song I ever heard.  It’s a great example of DiNizio’s craftsmanship.  It also rocks.

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Caroline Rose’s new album out February 23, 2018, but her new single, “Money,” is out now.

Caroline Rose Announces LONER,
New Album Out February 23rd On New West, And Tour

Watch Video For Lead Single, “Money”

Photo credit: Matt Hogan
An obsession with money, an unfaithful lover, an accidental pregnancy, misogyny, loneliness, death… This is just some of the lighthearted subject matter that make up LONER––the darkly comedic second album from songwriter/producer Caroline Rose, out February 23rd via New West. Armed with an arsenal of new instruments and equipment, an ever-growing sense of “ahhh f**k it,” two years of exploration, and a wicked sense of humor, Rose delivers a set of serious songs wrapped in a sprightly, angst-fueled pop burrito. In conjunction with the album announcement, Rose presents lead single “Money” and its accompanying video, a collaboration between Rose and director Horatio Baltz in which Rose plays all the parts and reveals her infectious spirit from the get go. As she tells Noisey, it’s “a sort of manic, paranoid mini-story” about the “way money corrupts and changes people.”

LONER began about three years ago following the release of Rose’s indie-folk-rockabilly-tinged debut album, I Will Not Be Afraid, an album penned while living in a van and traveling the country, which garnered praise from the likes of NPR and Rolling Stone. It captures the cheeky satire, comical musings, and often jarring mood swings––sometimes goofy, sometimes emotional––that make up much of Rose’s personality and marks a significant leap forward both sonically and emotionally, unleashing a burgeoning confidence teeming with character. “I needed to get more personal, more aggressive, more humorous and more sonically diverse than my older material,” says Rose. “It just felt like a bubble inside me that had been growing and was about to pop.”

Over the next year and a half, after moving into an apartment, Rose dove deep into production. She started collecting synths and recording equipment and tracking her material, eventually choosing to co-produce alongside Paul Butler at Panoramic Studios in Stinson Beach, California and their respective home studios. Rose brought to the sessions pre-recorded work the two used as a foundation off which to build, having written and arranged strings, played and recorded keys, guitar and bass, sampled layers of found and recorded sounds, and programmed synths and drums. She stepped up across the board, having a hand in mixing as well as directing creative control over all aesthetics regarding LONER, resulting in an album filled with catchy synth hooks, Ray Manzarek-esque Farfisa, surf guitar, depth of thought and a punk attitude. “I wanted to make sure everything was as me as it could possibly be.”

Watch Caroline Rose’s “Money” Video –

Stream “Money” –

LONER Tracklist:
1. More Of The Same
2. Cry!
3. Money
4. Jeannie Becomes A Mom
5. Getting To Me
6. To Die Today
7. Soul No 5
8. Smile! AKA Schizodrift Jam 1 AKA Bikini Intro
9. Bikini
10. Talk
11. Animal

Pre-order LONER

Caroline Rose Tour Dates:
Wed. Mar. 14 – Sat. Mar. 17 – Austin, TX @ SXSW
Tue. Mar. 27 – Nashville, TN @ The High Watt
Wed. Mar. 28 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
Thu. Mar. 29 – Asheville, NC @ The Mothlight
Fri. Mar. 30 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
Sat. Mar. 31 – Washington, DC @ Songbyrd
Tue. Apr. 3 – Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade
Wed. Apr. 4 – Boston, MA @ Great Scott
Thu. Apr. 5 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brendas
Fri. Apr. 6 – New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine
Sat. Apr. 7 – South Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground Showcase Lounge
Fri. May 18 – Gulf Shores, AL @ Hangout Music Festival

Download hi-res press images and cover art –

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Levitation 2018 first lineup announced.

The first wave of lineup announcements for Levitation Austin 2018 has been released, and (as usual) it’s great.

The festival is no longer being held at the Carson Creek Ranch, but rather at multiple venues in downtown Austin like Stubb’s BBQ, Empire, Barracuda, and more.  You can buy tickets for the individual shows, which vary in price.  They offered full weekend passes for all shows for $400.00 (quite a price jump from previous years), but they sold out in minutes.  Screw you, ticket buying robots!

Regardless, the first lineup already has many great artists on it.  Rishi Dhir of Elephant Stone will be performing solo and with a new venture he has called Mien.  Dead Meadow, Thee Oh Sees, Slowdive, the Black Angels, Electric Wizard, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ministry, Chelsea Wolfe, Ty Segall, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Imarhan, the Men, and Al Lover are all stand-outs.

Don’t wait too long to get tickets.  Tickets to individual shows at the 2016 festival sold out quick and many tickets went to scalpers who flipped them at outrageous prices.  More announcements are due in the early part of 2018, and that will only cause tickets to sell faster.

Keep your mind open.

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Zombie Zombie – Livity

French synth wave / electro trio Zombie Zombie (Etienne Jaumet – synths and saxophone, Cosmic Neman – drums, vocals, and effects, and Dr. Schonberg – percussion, electronics, and trumpet) didn’t want us to walk out of 2017 without dancing, so they’ve brought a new album full of vintage analog synth dance grooves and mood-changing tracks on their new album Livity.

The title track alone is worth the purchase price.  The title refers to a Rastafarian term for “life force.”  It’s almost nine minutes of head-bopping beats, haunting synth bass, and synths that are straight out of your 1980’s dreams.  Put this in your earbuds and your perception of the world around you will shift.  “Ils Existent” moves along with hypnotizing sci-fi synth loops until Neman’s wicked drum licks almost turn the song into an action movie theme.  The percussion on “Hippocampe” is so damn good it might make you lose your mind.  Jaumet’s synths build and build to wind you up and the whole song morphs into a cosmic journey around the 2:40 mark.

Zombie Zombie were the highlight of Levitation Austin 2015 for my wife and I, and the funky, acid jazzy “Looose” is an example of why that was the case. “When you have nothing to lose, it gets groovier,” Neman sings as his drums seem to fall off their kit in the chaos of the song.  “Acera” gets us back to the sci-fi themes of the album with spaceship dance club beats and alien menace buzzes and bleeps.

“Heavy Meditation” would’ve fit in perfectly on the Blade Runner 2049 score.  It’s perfect for scoring some soba noodle soup in a rainy downtown future L.A. while flirting with a replicant prostitute.  The closer “Lune Noire” is a dark, simulated rainy night on a lonely space station near a fading super nova encapsulated into a 4:52 song.

Livity is one of the best electro albums of the year.  It’s especially impressive when you consider the seven tracks were recorded live in just seven days.  Zombie Zombie continues to explore new ground in the synth world an experiment with sounds you don’t seem to have heard before now.  Get into this groove and live.

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Earthless announces March 2018 North American tour dates.

Clear up your calendar for March 2018, because stoner metal giants Earthless will be touring North America.  They’re also bringing legendary psychedelic band Kikagaku Moyo and psych-rockers Jjuujjuu with them.  This is a great triple bill, so don’t miss it.  I’m sure tickets will sell fast once they’re available.  I plan to see them at their Chicago stop in late March 2018 at the Empty Bottle.  I saw them there last year and it was a great show.

Keep your mind open.

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Oh Sees – Orc

John Dwyer is one of the busiest guys in rock.  He has so many variations of his band Thee Oh Sees that it can be difficult to keep track of them all.  One of the latest, which he’s just calling Oh Sees, has put out a fine record of psychedelic art-punk called Orc.

The album opens with the crazy, frantic “The Static God” – which appears to be a song about the whirlwind nature of battlefield combat.  Dwyer’s guitar is all over the place, but the chorus’ vocal hook has a wonderful pop twinge to it.  “Nite Expo” has 1980’s video game synths leading it before Dwyer’s guitar kicks open the door and catches you by surprise.  “Animated Violence” hits as hard as any metal track you’ve heard all year, both in the instrumentation (i.e., buzzsaw guitars and thunderous drums) and vocals and lyrics (revealing Dwyer’s love of Motorhead).

The longest track on the record (at 8:10), “Keys to the Castle,” is (on its surface, at least) about a bloody siege in a medieval fantasy kingdom.  I’m sure it’s probably a metaphor about how we’re actually destroying ourselves in these castles of loneliness and disconnection we’ve built thanks to the internet, but maybe I’m overreaching and should just enough the fun freak-out of a tune that it is (especially when the violin and organ creep into it).

“Jettison,” with its early Mick Ronson-like guitar work, is one of the grooviest songs about death in a long while (“Who likes sugar in their coffin?  The underground is twice as nice.”).  “Cadaver Dog” encourages the generation behind Dwyer to be leaders and not followers and be self-reliant instead of clinging to potentially deadly illusions.  “Drowned Beast” is a fuzzy salute to deepwater beast warriors who slay and eat everything in sight.  Three fun instrumentals, “Paranoise,” “Cooling Tower,” and “Raw Optics” are included.  The first has some subtle synths that might make you paranoid, the second is something you’d hear drifting out of a Mothers of Invention studio session, and the third (which closes the album) is a snappy blast of post-punk with a drum solo to boot.

Orc is a quirky, wild record, but you’d expect no less from Mr. Dwyer.  He excels at making quirky, wild rock that can melt your face one moment and intrigue you the next.

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Ty Segall’s new album, “Freedom’s Goblin,” due January 26th.

Ty Segall Announces New Album, Freedom’s Goblin,
Out January 26th via Drag City, and North American TourWatch Ty and the Freedom Band Debut “Fanny Dog,”
New Song Off Freedom’s Goblin, on CONAN Last Night 

Listen to New Single, “Every 1’s a Winner” (Hot Chocolate Cover)

[Freedom’s Goblin album art]

Freedom’s Goblin is the new Ty Segall album: 19 tracks strong, filling four sides of vinyl nonstop, with an unrestricted sense of coming together to make an album. Out January 26th via Drag City with a North American tour to follow, it wants you to get your head straight – but first, the process will make your head spin! On any given side, we’re tracking five or six full-blown personalities, unconcerned with convention or continuity.

The songs came in the flow of the year: days of vomit and days of ecstasy and escape too, and days between. The rulebook’s been tossed, but Freedom’s Goblin is thick with deep songwriting resources, be it stomper, weeper, ballad, screamer, banger or funker-upper, all diverted into new Tydentities in the name of love and loathing. Whether chilling at home or on tour with the Freedom Band, tracks were cut at five studios in LA, Chicago and Memphis, engineered by Steve Albini, F. Bermudez, Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell and of course, Ty himself. The goal was getting free: embracing any approach necessary to communicate new heights and depths, seeking new places for the fuzz to land among octaving harmonies, dancefloor grooves, synths, saxes and horns, jams, post-Nicky-Hopkins r’n’b electric piano vibes, children-of-the-corn psycho-rebellions, old country waltzes and down-by-the-river shuffles. Basically, the free-est bunch of pop songs Ty’s ever put on tape – free to love or to be alone; to be pretty or pretty ugly; free to turn the other cheek or to turn up the volume. And of course, free to make just about any kind of song that’ll free people when they hear it – because we’re ALL Goblins and we ALL want our Freedom!

This feeling comes alive in “Every 1’s a Winner,” the sixth Freedom’s Goblin pre-release share (a record for Drag City!), including last night’s sneak peek, big band debut of “Fanny Dog” on CONAN. “Every 1’s a winner, baby that’s the truth” – truly, a much-needed message for our times! As in, the kind of message we don’t expect anyone anywhere saying anytime soon. Ty Segall is naturally delivering this message specially to a special someone of his own, the kind to whom makin’ love is such a thrill – but you too are free to be special to someone also, so long as you realize that with such freedom comes great responsibility.  Ty covers Hot Chocolate here as if he’d been funkin’ since he electric slid out the cradle, guiding “Every 1’s a Winner” into a high-flying, hard-driving expression made of his own kind of ecstatic soul. The sound of 2018 (and 2017!) will be much improved by its presence, and everything else on the forthcoming Freedom’s Goblin. So turn it up, and get down.

[“Every 1’s a Winner” single art]
“Alta” –
“My Lady’s On Fire”
“The Main Pretender”’s Goblin Track List:
1. Fanny Dog
2. Rain
3. Every 1’s a Winner
4. Despoiler Of Cadaver
5. When Mommy Kills You
6. My Lady’s on Fire
7. Alta
8. Meaning
9. Cry Cry Cry
10. Shoot You Up
11. You Say All the Nice Things
12. The Last Waltz
13. She
14. Prison
15. Talkin 3
16. The Main Pretender
17. I’m Free
18. 5 Ft. Tall
19. And Goodnight

Pre-order Freedom’s Goblin

Ty Segall Tour Dates:
Sat. Dec. 9 – Mexico City, MX @ Hipnosis Festival
Fri. Dec. 15 – Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom [solo acoustic set] *
Sat. Dec. 16 – Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom [solo acoustic set]  *
Sun. Dec. 17 – San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel [solo acoustic set] #
Mon. Dec. 18 – San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel [solo acoustic set] #
Wed. Jan. 24 – Solana Beach, CA @ Belly Up Tavern
Fri. Jan. 26 – Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom
Sat. Jan. 27 – Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom
Sun. Jan. 28 – Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom
Thu. Feb. 1 – San Francisco, CA @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium ^
Tue. Apr. 3 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Bunkhouse Saloon
Thu. Apr. 5 – Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
Fri. Apr. 6 – Rapid City, SD @ URSA MAJOR
Sat. Apr. 7 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
Sun. Apr. 8 – Chicago, IL @ Riviera
Tue. Apr. 10 – Detroit, MI @ Majestic Theater
Wed. Apr. 11 – Toronto, ON @ Danforth Theater
Fri. Apr. 13 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Steel
Sat. Apr. 14 – Port Chester, NY @ The Capitol Theatre
Sun. Apr. 15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero Theater
Tue. Apr. 17 – Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre
Wed. Apr. 18 – Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse
Fri. Apr. 20 – Birmingham, AL @ Saturn
Sat. Apr. 21 – Pensacola, FL @ Vinyl Music Hall
Sun. Apr. 22 – New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jack’s
Thu. Apr. 26 – Austin, TX @ Stubb’s Outdoor (Levitation 2018)
Fri. Apr. 27 – Austin, TX @ Barracuda (part of Levitation)
Sun. April 29 – Flagstaff, AZ @ Orpheum Theatre

* = with OCS, Shannon Lay, all proceeds go to LA Kitchen
# = with OCS, Shannon Lay, all proceeds go to SF Homeless Coalition
^ = with Queens Of The Stone Age

Download hi-res press images and album art –

[Photo Credit: Denée Segall]

Partner announce tour dates for 2018.


PARTNER Announce 2018 Touring Plans

Tour Dates:
(current 2017)
December 08 – El Club, Detroit MI*
December 09 – The Drake, Toronto ON*
December 10 – Le Belmont, Montreal QC*
December 11 – Great Scott, Allston MA*
December 14 – Elsewhere, Brooklyn NY*
December 15 – U Street Music Hall, Washington DC*
December 16 – First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia PA*


January 17 – The Slice, Lethbridge AB^
January 18 – Revival, Regina SK (Winterruption)^
January 19 – Amigos, Saskatoon SK (Winterruption)^
January 20 – The Rec Room, Edmonton AB^
January 21 – Big Winter Classic, Calgary AB^

January 25 – MOTR, Cincinnati OH
January 26 – Empty Bottle, Chicago IL
January 27 – Founders Brewery, Grand Rapids MI

February 02 – This Ain’t Hollywood, Hamilton ON

March 13 – 17 – SXSW, Austin TX

May 11 – Focus Wales, Wrexham UK
May 17-19 –  The Great Escape, Brighton UK

*w/ Shamir    ^w/ Duchess Says
**More dates to be announced soon

For any interview requests or phoners contact –

Ahead of their joint Canadian Prairie Winter tour, Partner team up with Montrealers Duchess Says to curate a Spotify Winter playlist to get you in the mood, shared by Exclaim here.


RIYL – Weezer, AC/DC, The Breeders, Ween, Beavis & Butthead

Debut album In Search of Lost Time mixed by Grammy award winner Chris Shaw (Weezer, Public Enemy, Sum 41).

Partner is the “mature” effort of two best friends named Josée Caron and Lucy Niles. Borne of their bizarre and fortuitous friendship, Partner confidently harnesses the infinite power of Rock to explore a variety of niche yet strangely universal themes. Self described as post-classic-rock.

The two met while attending Mount Allison University in small town Sackville, New Brunswick, on Canada’s East Coast. The duo played in numerous Sackville bands together over their University years (Yellowteeth, The Mouthbreathers and the aptly named hardcore band Go Get Fucked). Around late 2014 the idea of Partner came to fruition.

Influenced by acts as varied as Melissa Etheridge, Ween, kd lang, and Prince, Partner delivers a refreshing and vital twist on a classic, prompting you to re-think what you thought was possible in Rock.

Partner relocated to Windsor ON at the beginning of 2016. After a freakishly productive year of writing, recording, and touring, Partner have released their debut to the world, titled In Search of Lost Time (September 08, 2017). Their enthusiastic and action-packed live set has led to them being named the “best new band in Canada” in the Globe and Mail.

Partner is genre-defying and terrifying: part musical act, part teenage diary, and 100% queer.

Partner Links
Record Label:

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Tom Rogerson collaborates with Brian Eno for debut album.

[Photo credit: Matthew Parri Thomas]
Tom Rogerson is pleased to share a new track “March Away,” taken from his forthcoming debut album entitled Finding Shorea collaboration with Brian Enoout December 8thon Dead Oceans. A perfect example of the studio setting the two artists worked within – Tom improvising at the piano and Brian twisting those signals with the Moog Piano Bar – the track is a prime introduction to this unique release.To accompany the track’s release, a live studio version of the track is also available. Directed by Robert Sieg and shot in Berlin, the performance beautifully illustrates the processes Rogerson and Eno used to create the original work.

Finding Shore is the sound of Rogerson distilling the essence of what he does after a protracted musical journey from childhood until now. As a 17-year-old he had the odd contrast of being taught by the composer Harrison Birtwistle but also working as lounge pianist in a dilapidated hotel in Peterborough. He then spent some time in New York playing jazz, recording with Reid Anderson of The Bad Plus, and had a successful career with post-rock group Three Trapped Tigers, yet however enjoyable that experience was, he admits it was “definitely a diversionary tactic.” Everything seemed to be an escape from the classical world or, as Rogerson himself puts it, “falling out of my ivory tower very slowly.”

After a chance meeting with Brian Eno, the two began to collaborate. Eno’s influence on Finding Shore began by enabling Rogerson to overcome his fear of committing any one piece to its own album. As a way to open Rogerson up, Eno suggested they try experimenting with the Piano Bar, an obscure piece of Moog gear that works by using infrared beams focused on each piano key; these are then broken as the keys are played, transforming the piano’s note into a midi signal that can then be used to trigger or generate new, digital sound. As Rogerson improvised at the piano, Eno improvised with the midi signal to create a unique piece of music.

Watch video for “March Away” –

Listen to “Idea of Order at Kyson Point” –

Listen to “Motion in Field” –

Pre-order Finding Shore:

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Marian Hill’s saxophonist drops one of the grooviest singles of 2017.

Steve Davit, saxophonist for Marian Hillis working on some solo material that combines jazz with electro and hip-hop beats.  His first single, “Forward,” is a funky blast of chopped up saxophone riffs and sweet synth beats.

You can listen to it here, before everyone starts proclaiming it’s their favorite new song.  Get in on the ground floor now.

Keep your mind open.

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