Greetings from the 7th Level.

Looking for your new favorite band?  Do you like anything that’s good, no matter what genre?  Then you’re going to enjoy 7th Level Music.

I’m going to open your mind to new music.  “New music” doesn’t always mean the latest releases.  Anything you’ve never heard before is new to your ears and neural pathways.  An early 1970’s dub record is new music if you hear it for the first time in 2016.

7th Level Music will cover music that comes from yesterday as well as today and tomorrow.  You’ll see a lot of reviews for what have become my favorite genres – psychedelic and shoe gaze – but don’t be surprised if you see a hip hop album or an outlaw country record reviewed here.

There will be reviews of records and live events, news on upcoming records and re-releases, interviews, artwork, videos, and a segment now and then called “Thrift Store Thursdays.”  Look for guest posts in the future from people I respect in the music industry and from fellow fans.

Thanks for stopping by and being a fan of music.  Keep an open mind, everyone.